Your Roof – The 24/7/365 Protector of Your Home.

Your Roof – The 24/7/365 Protector of Your Home.

Your roof is the silent, dependable defender of everything underneath. Day in and day out it is beaten by sun, rain, wind, and time. Your family, your valuables, and the very structure of your home depend on your roof.

If it’s been a while since you paid your roof a visit it may be time to take a look. If your roof is over 15 years old it might be time to take a closer look. If you’re missing shingles or see holes in your ridge-caps it might be time to take a serious look. Roofs are like fan belts on cars and washers on faucets – once they let go, they let go. And all kinds of other costly hidden problems arise and fall like dominoes.

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Why Not Do a Solar Installation / Re-Roof Option?

• Our re-roofing prices are highly competitive to begin with.
• Our installation procedures are “best of” in the industry.
• Our selection of styles, textures, and colors is extensive.
• We offer a manufacturer limited-lifetime warranty for both sloped roofs with composition shingles and flat roofs with commercial synthetic material.
• We also install tile roofs with a manufacturer limited lifetime warranty.
• Re-roofing/Solar installation combos are substantially discounted. Federal tax credits are available – See Money Saving Tip below.

• All of our solar products are high quality, time-tested, and guaranteed.
• Our installation procedures are “best of” in the industry.
• There is virtually no maintenance. In most cases rain is enough to clean off dust and debris.
• We are proud of the low failure rate in our panels and inverters – the two main parts of the system.
• Up to 25-year warranties are available on our panels and inverters adding even more piece of mind.
• Our systems run in the background, while continuously saving you money. You do virtually nothing.

MONEY SAVING TIP: The Federal 30% solar investment tax credit is set to expire after 2019. Get your system up and running now.

Ask the Experts

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Be sure to ask us about energy rebates on certain energy compliant systems.

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