You’ll Save Money from Day One. Period.

You’ll Save Money from Day One. Period.

It’s an undeniable fact. And it’s with us to stay – A properly designed Photovoltaic (PV) solar system is now cheaper than paying SDG&E. And no matter how you choose to get into it, you win. Most homeowners who choose to go solar will see either a very respectful 7 to 8-year return-on-investment when paying cash, or a 40-50% reduction in their monthly payment when financed, compared to their regular electric bill, which is now almost entirely done away with. This factors in the current 30% Federal solar investment tax credit that reduces the entire installed cost of the system by a massive 30% for most owners.

PV solar will empower you to take more control and to live greener, while putting equity into your home instead of money into SDG&E’s pocket.

Over 95,000 People in San Diego County Have Chosen to Go Solar.
-San Diego Gas & Electric

And, As If That Wasn’t Enough…

• All of our PV products are high quality, time-tested, and guaranteed.
• Our installation procedures are “best of” in the industry.
• Our installation teams are highly trained, professional, and held to the highest standards.
• You will have virtually no maintenance. In most cases rain is enough to clean off dust and debris.
• We are proud of the extremely low failure rates in our panels and inverters – the two main parts of the system.
• Up to 25-year manufacturer warranties are available on our panels and inverters adding even more piece of mind.
• Our systems run in the background, while continuously saving you money. You do virtually nothing.

MONEY SAVING TIP: The Federal 30% solar investment tax credit is set to expire after 2019. Get your system up and running now.

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